Mike Tyson Drops Tupac Shakur Drug Bombshell

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson and late rapper Tupac Shakur shared a close relationship. The rapper suffered a premature death at the age of 25 back in 1996 and it deeply saddened ‘Iron Mike.’ The veteran boxer recently revealed that he has a huge regret which is related to Tupac Shakur.



Mike Tyson wanted to get high with the rapper

Tyson has been witnessed openly speaking about marijuana consumption. He recently teased a new line of marijuana products in Boston. During an interview with djVlad, Tyson said:

“He didn’t last long, but the time he did last, every minute, every tenth of a moment was explosive.”

Tyson thought highly of Tupac and he felt the rapper’s influence would be around as long as the Earth was.

“He’s going to last until the time this Earth comes to an end,” he said. “I’m glad to be a part of his life and to have known him.”

However, Tyson wished he got high with Tupac. But, unfortunately, he didn’t get a opportunity to which remains to be Tyson’s biggest regret:

“He always wanted me to smoke weed (marijuana) with him, and I never did it, and I wish I did,” he confided.

Tyson smoked weed in secrecy, so he declined Tupac’s offer because he didn’t want word to spread about his smoking habit. A decision he wished he could take back and he regrets that now:

“That’s my biggest regret,” he continued.

During a recent edition of The Lions Den with Mike Tyson and Friends, MMA star Matt Schaub told Tyson that he believes Tyson Fury has “the best” technique in boxing history. Credit to The Independent for the below.

“Mike, before you answer, this is no disrespect but for me, technically-wise, Fury can go defense. His footwork is great. To me, as far as technique-wise, he is the best we’ve ever had.”

Tyson however wouldn’t agree as he would reply “Listen, just him being Tyson Fury shows my greatness,” the 55-year-old said. I don’t know. I don’t care if he could beat me or not. His name is Tyson. He can beat me but I don’t care he is named after the greatest fighter that ever lived.”

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