Mike Tyson Humiliated Fast & Furious Star In Photo

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson had once met Fast and Furious star. It is none other that sumo wrestler Konishiki Yasokichi, who once posed with the legendary boxer side by side. For those who are not familiar, Yasokichi was a former American-Japanese sumo wrestler who competed from 1982 to 1997 inside the dohyo, the sumo ring. Yasokichi had a cameo in the 2006 movie from the Fast & Furious franchise,The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Yasokichi, who reached the makuuchi division and won ten special prizes in sumo wrestling.



Mike Tyson was spotted with Konishiki Yasokichi

Yasokichi is three years elder to boxing legend Tyson. Through years of dedication Yasokichi managed to reach the ozeki rank. Ozeki was the highest rank that Yasokichi reached before retiring in November 1997. One of the pictures have resurfaced in which ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ looked significantly small and the caption of the post read:

“Mike Tyson and Konishiki Yasokichi, the first non-Japanese sumo wrestler to reach the rank of ozeki.”

While Konishiki Yasokichi made his professional debut in 1982, Mike Tyson made his in 1985. On one hand, Mike Tyson became the heavyweight champion of the world in pro boxing. On the other, Konishiki Yasokichi, apart from his ten special prizes, won two kinboshi and three top division championships.

Yasokichi retired in 1997, but Mike Tyson continued till 2005. Tyson in his life remained a fan of pro wrestling. Speaking of his favorite wrestler, in an episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he said:

 “When I was young, I liked Mil Máscaras, Bruno Sammartino-he’s my champion, Moondog Mayne, Pedro Morales, Killer Kowalski, Don Leo Jonathan, that was my thing, man.”

Tyson even made an appearance in WrestleMania XIV. Reportedly, WWE also paid the champion around $2.5 Million for the show. It was certainly a huge moment in his illustrious career.

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