Mike Tyson Humiliated On Boat With UFC Star

UFC President Dana White recently revealed that Mike Tyson’s Shark Week appearance in 2020 was all but smooth.



Dana White opens up on Mike Tyson

‘Iron Mike’ recently participated in Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, a show based around eradicating common misconceptions and fears surrounding sharks. It turns out, Tyson wasn’t very pleased about his appearance on the show. In fact, he was scared.

Interestingly, it was UFC president Dana White who got Tyson into the show. Speaking about the same during a video posted on the former heavyweight champion’s YouTube channel, White revealed how ‘Iron Mike’ went crazy before he had to swim with the sharks.

While suggesting that everybody on set was terrified of Tyson, White said:

“The day that the he had to jump in and do the shark thing, I guess he was fu*king going crazy, he was pissed off and the whole film crew was terrified. Everybody was scared, like he had to dive in the water and swim with the sharks.”

During a conversation with UFC commentator, Tyson spoke about how White got him into Shark Week. Suggesting that the UFC president got him on the show because he did not want him to fight to make money, ‘Iron Mike’ said:

“I love Dana White! Dana White’s my man. I don’t care, I can’t say nothing bad about him. He said, ‘Mike, I don’t want you to fight. Let me get you a job making some money. He gets me the goddamn Shark Week job. He gets me the job, I gotta put the shark to sleep now. He doesn’t want me to fight and get knocked out and beat up, but he wants me to go in there and put a shark to sleep.”

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