Mike Tyson Makes Sad Jamie Foxx Announcement

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson’s life would certainly make a great movie. Thus a biopic about the ex-heavyweight champ was announced nine years ago.



However, the future of the project is uncertain. Tyson said Sunday that Jamie Foxx, the A-lister installed to play him in the film, was most likely out of the project.

“I don’t think he’s going to do it,” Tyson said Sunday at Allegiant Stadium as he was led by heavy security from the Al Davis Memorial Torch, which he lit up at the start of Sunday’s Raiders-Steelers Game via Review Journal. “We might be getting someone else to come in and do it. We’re still getting situated.”

This movie is not to be confused with “Mike”, the original Hulu series starring Trevante Rhodes in the title role. Tyson has said he had nothing to do with that series, which debuted Aug. 25.

The response for Tyson’s appearance at Allegiant Stadium is any measure, a film about his life and career would be a smash. The crowd roared when his name was announced and dozens of fans pushed to get pics of the 57-year-old boxing icon as he left the stage.

“Fans are crazy, right?” Tyson asked, pushing his way through the thicket of well-wishers.

Foxx returned in July from a serious illness that took him out of public appearances dating to April. It has been noted that reports stated that Tyson had removed him from the project surfaced soon after.

Foxx is back as the ambassador for the Bet MGM wagering app, with spots premiering earlier this month. But his age (55) and illness have been a concern to play the heavyweight title-holder in his youth.

But similar to his fighting days, Tyson continues to bull forward on the project.

“Absolutely, we are going to do it,” Tyson said when asked if the film was still moving ahead. “It could be next year. It could be two years from now. Everybody’s interested. One day we’ll get there.”

Tyson added that his combat-sports career seems never to end. “There’s a possibility, because everybody wants to fight me.” He plugged his Tyson 2.0 cannabis brand and Mike Tyson Cares charity foundation. He sounded optimistic about his future, and that of his new favorite team, the hometown Raiders.

“You know me,” he said, grinning. “The sky’s the limit.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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