Mike Tyson ‘Manhandled’ Singer With Racial Remark

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson has been involved in several bouts in his illustrious career. He has dominated his opponents inside the ring and ‘Iron Mike’ recently addressed the viral clip where he “manhandled” Juelz Santana during a photo op with Dipset.



Mike Tyson opens up on the incident

On the latest episode of Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, the legendary boxer was joined by Juelz Santana where they discussed everything from prison time to the origins of his and Lil Wayne’s I Can’t Feel My Face mixtape.

During the interview, Juelz Santana asked Mike Tyson to explain the viral clip from 2003 that shows the boxer grabbing the young rapper’s arm during a picture with Cam’ron. It’s a clip that’s frequently brought up to Juelz, especially since the video itself is titled, “When Mike Tyson Met Dipset And Awkwardly Manhandles Juelz Santana!” Many believe that Mike was pressing Juelz but the Dipset rapper got Tyson to clear the air for good.

“One day we was with Cam… I always get like, crucified on the internet when this clip is posted. Mike grabbed my arm or something and put my arm up, and it was like, ‘Damn, Mike pressed you,” Juelz recounted before Tyson joked that he “must have been 12 years old back then. I was saying, ‘Tell all those n****s you the man,’” Tyson clarified.

“We got it clear, Mike was not pressing me, he was trying to get me to tell y’all n***as I’m the man!” Juelz said in response.

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