Mike Tyson Offers $500K To Sleep With Rapper’s Sister

The pro boxing legend Mike Tyson has had numerous controversies during his career. He has been married three times and has had many girlfriends throughout his life. He recently spoke about his girlfriend in prison. Tyson had quite some strained relationships, but the one that stood out was his marriage with Robin Givens. During the recent episode of the Hotboxing with Mike Tyson podcast that featured the boxer’s old friend and rapper Fat Joe, ‘Iron Mike’ made some revelations.



Mike Tyson opens up on the incident

Tyson’s wife, Lakiha Spicer was present in the studio during the podcast. The two friends suddenly thought about an old incident which made Tyson laugh out loud.  The rapper went to describe what had happened at the time. He said:

 “Mike invites me to the house an he says bring Remy Ma with you. This is around lean back or some sh*t like that. We go to the house. He opens the door b*tt naked. Mike opens the door as* naked.”

Joe explained that he asked Tyson to put on some clothes, and so he returned with a towel around his body. The former boxer was unable to control his laughter, and was even covering his face in embarrassment. The rapper further asked Tyson:

“You want the real story? You sure? I’m only worried about him. He takes me a tour of the house, I’m not lying to you. Every room I walked in there was a chick in every room, in every f*king room. I’m like what the f**k, I’m like this guy lives a fu*ing life,” Joe said.

The former heavyweight added that he was trying to make Remy Ma wait while she was refraining from accepting the offer. Joe went to say:

“He offered us some fu**ing 500 bands.”

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