Mike Tyson Photo With Bag Of Drugs Revealed

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Mike Tyson is most definitely one of the most legendary professional boxers in the history of the sport. Mike Tyson also sent a warning to Errol Spence previously.



Tyson just posted a photo with a huge bag of mariajuan. Chael Sonnen recently spoke on his YouTube channel, where he talked about how fighters try to make up grudges to sell more pay-per-views. He then explained how Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis’ rivalry was based on a fake grudge.

Sonnen then revealed that he still made with Tyson because of his “resentment” for the 2002 matchup as he accused Mike Tyson of stealing $50 from him and also numerous other people.

“I will tell you, nothing stands out to me more and I have resentment to it to this day. Mike Tyson and I don’t get along – and I don’t know that we have a big beef – but in all fairness, he’d rather not see me and I’d rather not see him. But it all predicates on him stealing $50 from me and all of you. He fought Lennox Lewis and he’s a thief for doing it. And then he comes out after the fight, grabs the microphone before he even leaves the ring, and says, ‘That was all for promotion, I love this guy.’ Fair enough, I’m glad that you two worked it out but you defrauded me and the rest of the public out of $50 so give me my money back

Mike Tyson showed off his boxing prowess to Claressa Shields on the set of his podcast ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson as he gave some tips to Shields ahead of her fight against Abigail Montes.

Triller’s latest event featured Evander Holyfield squaring off against Vitor Belfort and getting knocked out in over a minute within the first round. Due to the match’s reception, new regulations will be imposed and that includes banning exhibition matches. Due to this, Mike Tyson and Holyfield may be banned from Triller.

Mike Tyson also shot down a chance to square off against Jake Paul in a boxing match as he felt it was not worth training hard for in the end.