Mike Tyson Humiliates Paris Hilton In Video

Boxing legend Mike Tyson had a tough spot during Access Daily’s ‘Celebrity fight Club’ segment, where he got asked to choose between Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. The legend chose the latter and gave a reason behind his choice. He said that Paris doesn’t stand a chance and was a weaker fighter, and called Kim a slugger.



Hilton and Kardashian have been friends since their time in Beverly Hills, California. The two had a mutual friend named Nicole Richie. Kim appeared on Richie and Hilton’s reality TV show The Simple Life, after which her impact knew no boundaries. She even replaced Richie and went on to become Hilton’s best friend.

As time changed, 2007 took Paris Hilton away from the spotlight due to her getting charged for reckless driving. The celebrity got sentenced to 45 days in prison. It impacted her social image. On the other hand, Kardashian was rising the ranks and is a brand of her own. While no one knows who can win a fight until they get between the ropes, one can never count the vision of the boxing legend away. Boxing legend Mike Tyson has impacted lives through his work and continues to do so even today.


Mike Tyson has no match right now, but the boxing legend knows how to throw punches. The Baddest Man on the Planet faced some retaliation from Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE during the Attitude Era when Mike was referred to as The Baddest Man on the planet in the boxing world. You can view that segment below.

Who would you pick between the two choices? Chime in.

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