Mike Tyson Punches Baseball Legend In Photo

Mike Tyson is a pro boxing legend and has dominated the boxing scene for a considerable amount of time. A rare photo of Tyson trying to punch MLB legend Doc Gooden in 1986 recently surfaced. It is noted that the photo was snapped in the year Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion and was gaining fame and popularity.



Mike Tyson was playfully punching Doc Gooden

In the photo, ‘Iron Mike’ is seen throwing a right hand at Gooden as another MLB legend, Darryl Strawberry, tries to pull Tyson away. However, this was just a part of some playful punching done in a friendly manner.

Fans were certainly thrilled to witness the picture. One fan stated that it looked like Tyson had already won the title or was going to win it. “Tyson either had just won the title or was getting ready too!!” He wrote. Another fan lauded Iron Mike as his favorite fighter ever, but claimed he had changed over the years. “Tyson my favorite fighter ever..he’s a totally different person now.” he wrote.

Moreover, one fan reflected on how money and fame changed people forming habits that were hard to break:

“It’s sad how ppl get money and pick up habits ….it never makes sense to me …but I guess money changes ppl those habits are something hard to break great picture for sure.” he wrote. Lastly, one fan praised Tyson and stated that Tyson’s downfall came after his mentor Cus D’Amato’s death as he was left alone with people trying to take advantage of him. “The young champ and I don’t care what nobody say his downfall came after Cus died. They came out like hungry wolves.”he wrote.

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