Mike Tyson Reveals Sad Truth About Wife

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson never holds back from putting out his views in public. In a recent interview with YouTuber Jake Ducey, Mike talked about emotional relief, change, and love. In retrospect, he acknowledged the impact that his wife has had on his character. When asked how he got rid of his anger, Mike thoughtfully considered his marriage with his wife a remedy. However, there is still one thing that the former world champion believes a man could never get from a woman.



Mike Tyson reveals what men can’t get from women

It is the love of a mother that Tyson feels one cannot ever find in a heterosexual relationship with a woman. “No matter how much she loves you, she can never give you your mother’s love.” “No one’s capable of giving you that because it’s your mother,” he stressed.

Mike feels he owes a lot to his wife for the change she has brought upon him. According to ‘Iron Mike,’ some people look for their mother’s love in the women they fall in love with. Unfortunately, things just do not work that way.

Tyson had announced his retirement from professional boxing in 2005, following a loss to Kevin McBride. However, Tyson showcased his return to the boxing ring in 2020 to fight Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout.

The event went on to become a hit, reportedly selling 1.6 million pay-per-view buys. Since the bout, Tyson has been rumored to collide in exhibition bouts, with the YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul a potential opponent. However, the veteran star snubbed the reports and said he has retired for the greater good.

During an interview with Power 106, Mike Tyson discussed his friendship with famed and acclaimed rapped Tupac. The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world would say: “I went to prison, and he wrote me a letter. Then he came and saw me. Then he explained to me who he was, I said, ‘I remember you.’….And that’s how we became friends. He kept coming, we talked on the phone, and we really cultivated our relationship.”

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