Mike Tyson Sad Family Tragedy Revealed

Mike Tyson is undoubtedly one of the greatest pro boxers in the history of the sport. It is quite scary to imagine him not being a pro boxer. His life has not been smooth as it has been marred with alcohol,drugs, and violence. However, he managed to become the youngest heavyweight champion of the world in boxing.



According to the numerous interviews and public speaking that the boxer has had over the years, it can be concluded that all that wrath and aggression that he shows in the ring comes from within him. In his prime days, he is just angry at everything and uses this anger to demolish his opponents, making them not stand a chance against his brute force.

Mike Tyson reveals his mother never wanted him to become a pro boxer

Unfortunately, his mother never lived to see him become this.  Despite her early death, Mike Tyson revealed that his mother had a great influence on him. On his life in general, on his personality, his daily activities, and discipline[via Overtimer]:

“I wanted to tell you this story after I started training in boxing. My mother didn’t sign me over yet. I’m in legal but I came back. My mother never sign. I said mom, I just met these guys, this white guy. I’ll stay to him and be the champ of the world and then be the youngest champ and my mother started looking at me. I said mom, I would I knocked out 10 guys. I’m the junior Olympic champion of this whole country.”

His mother’s death is quite a lesson to him on how to stand for himself. It made him tougher, and fearless. Following the shocking event, he felt no compassion for his opponents and continued his wrath inside the squared circle.

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Barry Russell
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