Mike Tyson Sad Robbery Revealed In Video

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson not only dealt with drug and alcohol issues, he was involved in criminal activities in his initial years. He has been an aggressive fighter and put the long hours in the gym. ‘Iron Mike’ had revealed that he only sleeps for four hours. He also went on to reveal his fear.



The legendary fighter grew up in poverty and was surrounded by crime until he was introduced to boxing, which saved his life. The American was arrested on several occasions as a child due to street fighting, robberies and more. ‘Iron Mike’ has revealed in the past that by the time he was 12 years old, he had already been arrested around 40 times. However, he managed to become the youngest heavyweight champion of the world in boxing. Tyson has some dark truth which was revealed recently as well.

Mike Tyson opens up on his criminal record

On his Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast, the former fighter explained what he was doing as a young child:

“I didn’t go to school, I robbed people. I went straight to the bank… I went to school, I stayed in the principal’s office, so I basically left school. Only came to school to eat lunch, then I left again, picking pockets and robbing houses. That’s what it was like, that’s what my life was like. I didn’t want to stay on the fence.”

Tyson then spoke about when he found boxing:

“Yeah, when I was 12. So, I had a great criminal career until I was 12… I lost my street rep[utation] when I was 12.”

You can check it out below:

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