Mike Tyson Was Arrested After Kissing Woman

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson has had issues with his temper as he became aggressive in no time. This has gotten him into trouble in the past. His contentious life was just as well-known as his boxing career. He has a history of getting into trouble in the parking lots of clubs, which is just one of the many scandals he has been involved in.



Mike Tyson had to pay hefty amount

Mike Tyson was among the most famous athletes around the world in his heyday. His successful boxing career earned him a fortune, which helped him lead a luxurious life. Outside of the boxing ring, Tyson was seen partying at his mansions or at nightclubs. One unexpected incident happened at a parking lot of a club which cost the boxer around $100,000.

Back in June 1987, ‘Iron Mike’ was at the Greek Theatre, Griffith Park in Los Angeles. At the time, he allegedly put his arms around a female 18-year-old parking lot attendant and said, “Give me a kiss.” Following this, the attendant’s supervisor arrived and asked if anything was wrong.

Reportedly, Tyson threw a concert t-shirt at the man’s face and struck him with the butt of his open hand. The attack left the supervisor with a cut lip and a sore nose. Tyson was accused of using his hands as a lethal weapon and was charged with misdemeanor counts of violence. Three months later, an extrajudicial settlement worth more than $100,000 was made.

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