Mike Tyson Was Caught By Wife Having Sad Affair

The pro boxing legend Mike Tyson has had numerous controversies during his career. He has been married three times and has had many girlfriends throughout his life. He recently spoke about his girlfriend in prison. Tyson had quite some strained relationships, but the one that stood out was his marriage with Robin Givens. He once again made a wild confession in the latest episode of his podcast ‘HotBoxin’.



Mike Tyson reveals his wife was furious

‘Iron Mike’ had revealed on air, the details of the time his wife lost her cool. Tyson recalled the incident and detailed that on one of his trips to Las Vegas with a friend, with whom – as he candidly describes – he shared some rather bizarre interests, he was entertaining women at the his latter’s candy parlour. To his surprise, his wife showed up at the place with their baby, causing him immense embarrassment.

He described that his state of mind at the moment as extremely chaotic, and continued:

“Are you really serious? you got to get up sorry run and turn around? Why are you doing this s**t. I thought before she got through like right where I saw her come and say, “oh chef excuse me.” I just walked outside trying to say, “what are you gonna do?” We’re gonna kick us out of the house. You gotta let us be homeless oh I have to go to all that s**t. You know I’m going on welfare first thing tomorrow morning I’m going to welfare.”

Presently, Tyson is married to Lakiha Spicer, popularly known as “Kiki”, and admits to being deeply influenced by her. The duo first met when Kiki was 18. Tyson admitted that the marriage has had its fair share of challenges and complications, but he credits her for rescuing him from leading a frivolous lifestyle.

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