Mike Tyson Wife Death Threat In Video Revealed

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson has some bizarre opinions on relationships, horoscope, and life. Tyson, who is a Cancer by zodiac sign, had something really interesting to say about his relationship with his wife, Lakiha Spicer, who is a Gemini. Following what the former heavyweight champion of the world said, his wife on the sets of Hotboxin’ greeted him with a death-threat in front of Leslie Jones and Steelo Brim.



Mike Tyson opens up on the matter

In the latest episode of HotBoxin’ with Mike Tyson, ‘Kid Dynamite’ said that when a Cancer broke up with a Gemini, it resulted in death. Although everyone else laughed on the set, Tyson remained serious and looked at his wife ‘Kiki’.

In a peculiar statement, Tyson said:

“I’m a Cancer. Listen, let me explain [to] you something. If you look up the horoscope, the relationship with Cancers and Gemini. When they break up it’s like death. They form a death when they break up. They don’t eat. I’m serious. Didn’t they say that Kiki?”

Hearing Tyson’s unprecedented comments, Lakiha Spicer replied by saying, “I’ll kill you if you break up now.” As expected, Lakiha Spicer’s spontaneous reply made everyone laugh on HotBoxin’. However, here is what ‘Kid Dynamite’ said next.

Full of surprise, Tyson said:

“What do you mean, I’mma break up? That’s what it is. He dies if he breaks up. That’s why you guys are f*cked up like that.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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