Mitt Romney Humiliated By Trump At Hotel

Mitt Romney has a book releasing on 24th October 2023. “Romney: A Reckoning” is still waiting to be out to the public, but it looks like the former president Donald Trump has read it or atleast someone in his team has and they aren’t happy about it.



Trump took to Truth Social to talk about Mitt Romney and his time from back in the day. Romney has made a mention of “RINO Paul RINO” and Trump finds him as dumber than Mitt Romney himself.

Mitt Romney, a total loser that only a mother could love, just wrote a book which is, much like him, boring, horrible, and totally predictable. I am very proud to be the one who forced this Left Leaning RINO out of politics. He wanted to run sooo badly, but knew he couldn’t win in the great State of Utah without my Endorsement and Support, so he QUIT. His crummy book says nothing good about anybody, other than RINO Paul RINO, who may be worse, and even dumber, than Mitt himself. Does he mention his late night dinner with me at Trump International Hotel when he begged to be Secretary of State, then giving GLOWING COMMENTS about DJT at a follow up News Conference? I didn’t give him the job, NOR DID I EVER INTEND TO. I JUST WANTED TO PROVE A POINT, THAT MITT ROMNEY IS, & ALWAYS HAS BEEN, A LIGHTWEIGHT JOKE!

The former president recalled the incident when Mitt was at the Trump International Hotel and made glowing comments about Trump at a follow up News Conference. Trump stated in his post that Mitt begged to the Secretary of the State at that time for the conversation.

It’s funny to see how Trump thinks that he made Mitt go out of politics. Trump heaps in his glory and has harsh words about Mitt Romney’s soon to be released book. Mitt Romney hasn’t said anything and it needs to be seen if there will be any thoughts from his end on Trump’s remarks.

Donald Trump isn’t holding back anything in himself and is ready to attack anyone that he sees fit. It could be lawyers, judges and even politicians. The former president is running for President in 2024, but his road seems to be filled with roadblocks. It would be interesting to see on how that pans out for the former president.

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