The Miz on winning Rolling Stone’s Wrestler of the Year

Quite a handful of people consider 2017 to be the year of the Miz. The Awesome One has been with the WWE for a little over ten years now, but he might’ve had his best year with the company in 2017. After a stellar 2016, Miz was drafted back to Raw during the “Superstar Shake-Up.”



Many people thought the Miz would be buried beneath all the talent on Raw, with a stacked upper mid-card. However, the Miz would go on to outshine most of the roster, keeping himself near the top of the card even when he was feuding with lower card guys like Jason Jordan.

The Miz’s stock has risen quickly in the past two years after having back-to-back feuds with all three Shield members, along with being the reason for the group’s return. Recently, Rolling Stone named him “WWE Wrestler of the Year,” and it’s hard to argue with them. While he may not have been working matches like Styles or Cesaro, the Most Must-See Superstar in WWE History has been in intriguing feuds and moments on WWE television day in and day out.

After receiving Rolling Stone’s praise, the Miz decided to do what he does best; throw it in the face of someone he hates. His target this time, the man who defeated him for the Intercontinental championship, Roman Reigns.

The Miz is set to return to Monday nights soon, as the Marine 6 should be finished filming soon. With this shot, it seems like he’ll head back to Raw looking for revenge against Roman as he tries to take back his championship.

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