MJF Insults Bret Hart Backstage At AEW Show

MJF claimed that he told Bret Hart backstage at AEW Double or Nothing 2019 that he was ‘the shits’ in the ring. No word on if this interaction ended with ‘The Hitman’ locking MJF in a sharpshooter on the spot. MJF made the comments after it was announced that he will team with Chris Jericho against the Varsity Blondes on AEW Dynamite, featuring Brian Pillman Jr.



MJF tweeted, “This match is cool because of the connection between pillmans father and Chris with the ‘hart dungeon’

I told Bret hart to his face on PPV he was the shits. The only person who came out of the hart dungeon that matters is Chris Jericho. Wednesday night we prove just that.”

MJF also recently detailed his latest car purchase and workout regiment. He said, “I just got a Tesla.

If you drive a gas car you’re a bitch.” He also posted, “4 easy steps. 1. Fasted cardio 3-4 times a week. 2. No gluten or sugar. 3. 5 gym sessions a week. 4. Being born better.”

Konnan recently praised MJF in a Sportskeeda interview, “And Jericho’s the guy who’s kinda producing everything there. You can tell that MJF is like a sponge, picking up everything Jericho’s doing because MJF’s gonna be like Jericho. He’s gonna be a beast.”

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