MLB Star Presented with WWE Title Belt, Cameron Responds to Alicia Fox Jokes, Natalya & Darren

– Natalya and Darren Young will be representing WWE at the Blogger Bash convention in New York City this week. They will be helping out at the Back To School area.



– Oakland Athletics player Yoenis Céspedes was presented with a WWE World Heavyweight Title replica after winning the MLB Home Run Derby last night. SportsNation tweeted the photo to John Cena and he replied, “Well I guess #thechampishere or there!” Triple H also tweeted congratulations from The Authority to Yoenis.

– You may remember WWE Diva Cameron telling Steve Austin on Tough Enough that her favorite WWE match was Alicia Fox vs. Melina from a Superstars episode. Fans were giving Cameron a hard time on Twitter last night when she teamed with Fox on RAW. She responded after the match Twitter:

“If Nikki tagged with Melina, tonight could have been my second fave match of all time #Losers #IAmToughEnough #GirlBye #RawRichmond”

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