MMA Fighter Arrested For Selling Drugs In Raid

Using drugs of any kind is illegal and that is especially wrong when it is someone as reputable as an MMA fighter.



A former MMA fighter in the Philippines has been charged by the country’s drug enforcement agency after being arrested earlier this month.

According to Cebu Daily News, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) were previously contacted about a potential drug trafficking operation being run by Slotty Avila. After almost a month of observation, PDEA applied for a search warrant so they could enter the former MMA fighter’s residence.

Authorities seized approximately half a kilogram of “shabu” and a variety of packaging materials from the 34-year-old’s home in Cebu City. Shabu is the name used in Southeast Asia for methamphetamine, and PDEA director Levi Ortiz spoke to CDN regarding the tip-off and items that were seized.

“Someone informed us that this person is involved in the selling of shabu and he is using the packaging of the courier service so that no one would suspect about what he was delivering,” Ortiz said. “The shabu is also delivered here through courier service.”

“He is big time [drug personality]. He delivers in kilos. We only confiscated a few illegal drugs because he has already delivered some of the drugs.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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