Mob Boss Drops Trump Bombshell In Video

Expressing gratitude to Sammy the Bull, Donald Trump recently conveyed a message directed at Judges Engoron and Kaplan, expressing a desire for fairness, strength, and honesty in the New York Courts. The statement suggests a call for a perceived lack of these qualities in the current state of the legal system. The reference to Sammy the Bull adds a layer of intrigue, as it implies a connection or shared perspective between Trump and the notorious figure. The message appears to signal a plea for a more just and robust judicial process in the context of Trump’s legal affairs in New York.



A recent report reveals a significant deterioration in the political relationship between Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and former President Donald Trump. Despite once being political allies who endorsed each other during their re-election campaigns, tensions have risen, particularly after Reynolds publicly supported Governor Ron DeSantis for the GOP’s 2024 nomination.

The New York Times uncovered a secret social media account, @Kimberl26890376 (formerly on Twitter), maintained by Reynolds. This account, distinct from her verified @KimReynoldsIA account, has posted content both boosting DeSantis and criticizing Trump, as exemplified by various clips and posts. Notable among these is a retweet contrasting DeSantis favorably against Trump and Nikki Haley.

The Times describes the obscure Twitter account as straddling the line between public and private. While featuring Reynolds’s photo and the username “Kimberly Reynolds,” it is not linked to her official political or governor’s accounts and does not explicitly identify her as Iowa’s governor. Despite its relative obscurity with 259 followers as of the report, influential Iowa political operatives are among its audience.

Reynolds has maintained the @Kimberl26890376 account since 2021, according to available information, with the majority of its 58 posts concentrated in recent months. The content primarily revolves around the presidential primary, with reposts promoting DeSantis’s media appearances and amplifying criticisms of Trump. One notable example is a retweet in November sharing the perspective of a DeSantis supporter who accused Trump of lacking loyalty while demanding it from others, describing it as “FEALTY” and suggesting a desire for a king among Trump’s associates. The revelation of this secret account adds a layer of complexity to the evolving dynamics between Reynolds and Trump as they navigate shifting political alliances.

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