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Monday Night Raw reaches new ratings low

Seth Rollins berates Baron Corbin over Raw's recent performances

Monday Night Raw continued to drop this week. The Red Brand’s go home show for TLC didn’t do enough to bring back the viewers the company had lost over the past few weeks.

Last week’s Raw drew 2.285 million viewers. This week’s episode dropped dramatically, down to 2.194, garnering the lowest rating in the program’s history.

It seems that after the first hour, fans decided to tune out. Though the first third of Monday Night Raw held a 2.347 rating, the next hour dropped to 2.186 viewers, with the third hour almost falling out of the 2 million range, drawing 2.048 million viewers.

Raw hasn’t gotten over 2.5 million viewers since October 22nd, where the show was bookended by Roman Reigns’ shocking leukemia announcement and Dean Ambrose’s betrayal of Seth Rollins.

  • The Random Reader

    pushing women’s division too much and men’s division is also the problem, PG must go away

  • The Random Reader

    F*** off becky

  • CC

    It’s not PG thats responsible as thats not something that has only existed the last few weeks.
    Plus, the networks will have more say in that than WWE anyway.
    WWE can produce good and great shows under PG, but until they change the creative team, that aint happening.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    The fact WWE brought this up tells me they have no worries and they shouldn’t. Had like it or not WWE took a big blow when Roman Reigns left due to illness. But WWE got some big things coming there way in 2019. Love the heels in WWE lately with Dean Ambrose and Drew McIntyre both are going to bring the missing heat WWE been lacking.

  • Brad Grillakis

    yo think eventually WWE will get off this PG crap with these low ratings or no? I for one have been skipping wrestling b/c it’s not the same and it’s not like me to skip.

  • rob

    so cringe smh

  • CC

    This weeks show was actually an improvement, but it is too little too late.
    The likelihood is it will pick up around the Rumble out of tradition, but too many people have been burned by weak as hell booking that WWE has probably lost a lot of fans who will not return.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    After the Royal Rumble, ‘THE MAN’ will move to RAW and I’ll restore this show to its former glory.