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Money In The Bank to feature 3 ladder matches this year?

Money in the Bank

After Backlash yesterday night, the next WWE PPV will be Money In The Bank and it appears that the show will be filled with some extra high flying action and it will feature more ladder matches than usual.

Last year’s Money In The Bank was a SmackDown exclusive Show and it featured two Money In The Bank matches one for the male and the other for the female competitors.

However, as we know all the PPVs following Backlash will be dual-branded shows and fans have been wondering how the company will handle this situation with the Money In The Bank matches this year.

Now an advertisement has surfaced online which features 3 Money In the Bank briefcases instead of one or two, starting the rumors that there will be three ladder matches during the upcoming show.

After seeing the advertisement, the obvious speculation is that there will be separate matches for the male competitors of both Brands and the third match will feature female competitors from both the shows.

Though it’s worth mentioning that this is just a speculation for now and we’ll have to wait for an official announcement from the company to know if there will actually be three ladder matches at the upcoming PPV.

  • CC

    I would actually say one for the men, one for the women and one for 205 live.
    While I know its not necessarily the most popular show, it does have a roster made for ladder matches. A cruiserweight MITB match could actually be a show stealer if handled right.

  • oppa

    Sounds better honestly. This is a perfect storm for people to get bored from watching the same gimmick match too many times in short order.

  • HBK

    Agreed, 3 men from raw, 3 from smackdown.. same with females, and tag teams…

  • Two cents worth

    How about one for men, one for women, and one for tag teams?