More Details on Hulk Hogan’s New Promotion with Ric Flair and Other Stars

Source: Wrestling Observer



– As noted earlier, it’s now confirmed that Ric Flair will be returning to the ring to face Hulk Hogan on his Hulkamania tour of Australia.

More details are now coming out regarding this. Word is that they have reached out to Jeff Hardy to work one of the main events on the tour. The idea is to use Flair vs. Hogan to draw the older crowds and Hardy vs. another big name to draw the younger crowds.

After three days of intense negotiations and months of talks between Flair and Hogan’s people, Flair signed a three-year deal today with Hogan’s new Hulkamania promotion.

The deal also includes plans for a reality TV show focusing on the lives of both Hogan and Flair, which will be shot on tour.

Hogan’s new promotion has contacted a number of former WWE Superstars including the mentioned Jeff Hardy and others. The plan is to run regular tours overseas. The plan has been talked about by Hogan and Eric Bischoff for years but with both Hogan and Flair going through expensive divorces, it made it a lot easier for both of them to commit to the project.

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