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More details on Nia Jax receiving heat backstage for injuring Becky Lynch

Nia Jax

As reported earlier, Nia Jax could possibly be in the dog-house for injuring Becky Lynch on Monday Night RAW. It seems like there’s some truth to these reports as another source has appeared with additional details on the matter.

Wrestling News Source reports that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunne are the two people who are “extremely unhappy” with Jax. Furthermore, Jax’s push could be in real jeopardy, according to the report.

The report also notes that the angle with Bryan and Styles was also played out to create more buzz for Survivor Series after Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch was nixed.




  • Kristopher Robinson

    While I do agree, those times you have mentioned, were/looked like accidents. That was a stiff punch.

  • Charlie Bronson

    How many times did Charlotte injure Sasha during their feud? A lot. Brie has nearly killed herself and has injured other wrestlers. Nia went on a tear of injuring other wrestlers when she got first called up. It happens, people aren’t going to be sent down for it.

  • Direa Shke

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  • Kristopher Robinson

    Agreed. I think she needs to go back to NXT, as punishment. That shot was a direct punch.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I was honestly thinking the same thing. Theres no way a shot like that, wasnt on purpose that was a straight up punch.

  • CC

    Here is the thing. While everyone is annoyed with Nia, and have every right to be, the blame falls squarely on who decided to rush her to the main roster and keeps her their despite her obvious lack of talent. Most wrestling pundits are all saying the same thing, that she does not need firing but she does need to go either back to developmental or at least spend more time training.
    My guess is though, if the stories were true of her throwing a hissy fit earlier this year when she vanished from TV because she was not getting her own way, her family connections are being used to keep her on the main roster and keeps getting her these pushes she does not deserve.

    All anyone wants is for her to work safer, and a bit more seasoning in developmental is what would do that.

  • oppa

    All I want to know is what lead up to this. The punch looked to be on purpose and it looked to be some sort of receipt for something that happened earlier. It looked like Nia was yelling get off of me or get away from me as she threw that punch. WWE will never say what all happened, but something more did happen in this case.

  • oppa

    HHH would agree with you and reports have been going around for years that as soon as he can, he will get rid of Kevin. His future in WWE is as bright as CM Punks future.

  • Whistling Joe

    I hope they do Nia’s title match this Monday on Raw and Ronda beats her in less than a minute and makes Nia look like a complete scrub.

  • Whistling Joe

    He may be a production stooge, but the man has been with the company for like 40 years. He knows more about wrestling than a lot of actual wrestlers. I’m not saying he knows how to take a bump necessarily, but he wants to win awards and when people go down with injury, that means the show could potentially have fewer eyes on it, lessening his chance to win awards. Plus, I would imagine that he wants what is best for the company and wants WWE to succeed so when bad things happen, he gets mad. Believe me, I am no Dunn fan, he’s the reason most wrestlers with accents don’t get mic time and is the reason Raw and Smackdown look like the same show, just palette swapped.

  • Omar

    Who the hell is Kevin Dunne to be upset with anyone’s performance? He is the production stooge. I bet the agents’ opinion matters more than Dunne’s when it comes to wrestling.