More Details On Ric Flair’s Confrontation With Orlando Jordan’s Valet, Don West Praised, More




— As reported yesterday, reaction to Orlando Jordan’s segment on Monday’s iMPACT! was largely negative amongst the wrestlers in the locker room. Ric Flair was said to be among the most vocal detractors of the segment when it was taped on Mar. 23. Later that night, a number of wrestlers and personnel headed out a nearby bar. Flair had a few drinks and began complaining about the manner in which Jordan’s on-air male companion was dancing on the bar’s dance floor and added there’s no place for him in the locker room. He eventually got so worked up that he angrily approached the male companion and created a scene.

One wrestler said Flair “cut a Ric Flair promo on him.” He then told him he’s “an embarrassment” and demanded that he “sit the f— down.”

The male companion was said to be shaken by the wrestling legend’s comments and left the bar shortly thereafter.

— Don West is being heavily praised within TNA for his work at the merchandise stands at live events. West has been on the road in recent months pushing TNA merchandise and by all accounts has been great with fans.

— Madison Rayne is auctioning off a garter wrestling outfit worn on iMPACT! last year at the following link. Bidding ends today.

See *SPOILER PHOTOS* from Tuesday’s SmackDown taping ->

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