More Details on WWE’s Big Bragging Rights Change

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– The change in the Bragging Rights main event with Team SmackDown was a decision made by Vince McMahon at an October 20th production meeting. Vince saw the two original teams together in the ring on RAW last Monday and felt that the SmackDown team looked too weak.

The changing of that match was all the big talk after this week’s SmackDown tapings. A lot of people were wondering why officials went with the original team in the first place and some were joking about the way the change went down. When everyone arrived at the tapings on Tuesday, they were told about the match between the old team and the new team with the planned finish being Matt Hardy hitting Shad Gaspard with a Twist of Fate to get the win. Shad was backstage and appeared to be fine but after finding out the match change, he became very sick and went back to his hotel room. Some were speculating that Shad got “sick” because he didn’t want to lose clean to Hardy on TV.

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