More Details Regarding Heat on Ric Flair

Source: PWInsider



– There has been a lot of talk regarding Ric Flair and his behavior as of late. Flair still hasn’t returned any of the advance payments he owes back to the Ring of Honor promotion after he backed out of his role as “Ambassador” in May. There is said to be at least one other company Flair did business with in the last year that is also owed money for payments. There are rumblings of people filing a lawsuit but nothing has been done yet.

There was a recent film deal in the works about Flair’s life but that is apparently done because his new management team were demanding executive producer credits and blew off a meeting with screenwriters. This led to the production company that was interested in financing the movie to drop the project. Flair has a new management team because he fired the Gillespie Agency a few weeks back.

There was also said to be another recent incident with Reid Flair and a lot of people have been talking about how sad it is to see Flair’s behavior with so many deals in place going sour, especially since there’s no interest from WWE to bring Flair back.

Word is that WWE offered Flair a non-wrestling role on SmackDown a few months back but nothing ever came of it. Flair’s one-year no compete regarding TNA just expired but he has shown no interest in working for them.

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