More main roster superstars to make NXT Live appearances

Over the past few weeks, WWE main roster superstars, such as Luke Harper and Tyler Breeze, have ventured down to NXT to battle a top star in the company’s developmental brand during NXT’s live events. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we can expect more of the same moving forward, as they are reporting that more and more WWE main roster superstars could find themselves showing up at a NXT live event to take on a top talent from WWE’s developmental brand.



The Observer adds that there is talk of using main roster Superstars at NXT live events when WWE creative has no real direction for the superstar. This makes sense seeing as the last two main roster superstars to show up at an NXT show were Luke Harper and Tyler Breeze, who both are stagnant creatively since their tag partners are injured.

Tyler Breeze returned to his home away from home to battle Lars Sullivan last month, while Harper main evented a live show a few weeks later squaring off with Ricochet.

Who are some main roster superstars that you would love to see show up at a NXT live event?

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