More on Hulk Hogan’s New TV Show, Bound For Glory Main Event

– The main event of TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view has been announced as Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy for the vacant TNA World Title.



– As noted before, Hulk Hogan is working on a new kids show called Hogan’s Court where he will preside as a judge over siblings having problems. Skywriter Television, Positive Productions and Lenz Entertaiment are all producing the show that is targeted to the 8-12 demographic. The show will be filmed in a hyper-colored court room with special effects, props and “bold personalities.”

Hogan will act as judge and determine the outcome of each case between siblings. Punishments will range from picking up dog droppings to being dropped in a vat of cold baked beans. 26 half-hour episodes are currently in development.

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