More On Ric Flair UK Tour Incident, TNA Roster’s Reaction

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– To update on the Ric Flair incident in Dublin, Ireland, it is said that Flair allegedly played hardball, not getting on the bus after his request for a financial advance was refused. As this kind of thing has occured before and with Flair refusing to get on the plane, a decision was made to leave him behind.

One source revealed that because of Flair’s outburst, members of the roster were in favor of leaving Flair, some even mocking him, using his “signature promo lines” after the bus left without him.

There was also talk that Flair’s legendary “partying” habits on the tour may have also had something to do with his decision not to get on the bus.

Finally, just to clarify, TNA management did not send Flair home. He was simply left behind after “blowing up” and subsequently refusing to travel, and is likely still in Europe.

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