More On Suggestive DX T-Shirt, The Miz “Gurantees” To Be Part Of SummerSlam

– To follow up today’s post about the suggestive DX Army T-Shirt, it has now mysteriously been removed from the WWE Website.



– Below are some highlights from an interview between “The Miz” and Danny Salas of B95 FM:

His New Look: “That’s why I have a new look and a new attitude. I kind of realized after the whole John Cena Debacle that I needed to get more serious,vI was thinking people weren’t going to take me seriously if I was wearing Capri pants with sparkles.”

New Storyline Involving U.S. Title: The Miz said he is building back up to being the main-event by going after Kofi Kingston’s title and said he can “almost gurantee” he will be involved at SummerSlam in some form or fashion, despite not having a billed match.

Read the full interview here.

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