More on the Flair-TNA Situation, Details on Backstage Problems in TNA

– Several TNA wrestlers are rolling their eyes at the news of Ric Flair coming back to the current UK tour. The decision to bring Flair back on the tour is said to be a financial one. The feeling was that they needed to keep Flair on the tour to maintain good relations with the local promoters and the fans. This is the same reason Matt Hardy was added to the tour after a number of recent changes with Kurt Angle leaving as well as injuries to AJ Styles and Alex Shelley.



Most of the TNA crew was in favor of leaving Flair behind in Dublin earlier this week and aren’t happy about him coming back. Several wrestlers spoke up to TNA officials in the past day, pushing for him to be sent him and even released from the company.

On the other hand, a lot of the TNA talents feel sorry for Flair. One TNA wrestler, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Flair has asked several co-workers for money when his credit cards have been declined.

Another source says that the younger TNA stars have began to unite against the veterans with the feeling that they’re the ones carrying TNA with their work while some of the veterans treat TNA like it’s their “country club.”


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