Movie Being Made on Foley’s Life, New Gimmick in TNA, Angle News

– Kurt Angle noted on Twitter that his Angle Foods company will be releasing a line of nutritional supplements in 2011.



– As noted before, TNA recently signed indy star Robbie Eckos to a deal. He worked a dark match at this week’s iMPACT tapings as Robbie T in what was described as a “Jersey Shore” kind of gimmick. Indy valet Becky Bayless was with Robbie T as his valet, Cookie, a play off MTV’s Snooki. Robbie got the win over Generation Me’s Max Buck.

– Great Scott Films is apparently producing a movie about the life of Mick Foley. Foley wrote on Twitter: “I had a great meeting with Chris and Jay of Union Square today – looks like my life story might really be headed for the big screen. Nice.”

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