New Movie with Kurt Angle Bombs, TNA Star Comments on bin Laden’s Death

– TNA star Jesse Neal, who served on the USS Cole battleship when it was attacked by Al-Qaeda, wrote the following on Twitter regarding bin Laden’s death:



“Wow!!!!! Everything is getting in its right place! He is lucky it wasn’t me that caught him!!! Ya I said it! Karma is a bitch! Although he is caught and dead, it don’t bring them back, but ust tells us to always remember “The Fallen”! We r here for a reason.”

– “Dylan Dog Dead of Night” which features actor Brandon Routh and TNA star Kurt Angle bombed at the box office this weekend. Reports from earlier in the weekend were that the movie only made $250,000 in almost 1,000 theaters. Projections for the whole weekend had the movie doing around $1.2 million dollars, putting it at $2 million worldwide. The movie’s budget was around $30 million.

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