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Mustafa Ali reflects facing Daniel Bryan, moving to Smackdown

WWE shared a WWE Day Of: Mustafa Ali video, where Ali talked about teaming up with AJ Styles and facing WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and Andrade “Cien” Almas on SmackDown on December 18, 2018. The match ended with Ali pinning Bryan after hitting his 054. Here is what he said before the match:

“I’m teaming with AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan and ‘Cien’ Almas, I’m just waiting to wake up. One week you’re facing Daniel Byran and next week you’re teaming with AJ Styles. You’re in the ring with the best in the world. Part of me wants to tell myself they don’t just put anybody in the ring with them.

I obviously want to be as good as them and I feel like I can be and I can hang with them. Trying not to make it bigger than it is. This is still a very cool moment for me. I’ve watched those guys, in particular Bryan and AJ. I’ve watched them my entire life, my entire career. Even on the independent scene, they were stars. Here they are stars and now my name is next to theirs.”

WWE cameras caught up with Ali to get his reaction after his first big win on Smackdown.

“After the match, my first thought was, ‘How quickly can I get to my phone to text message my wife? What also sticks out in my mind is the entire 205 Live roster standing and waiting for me.”

It was announced that Ali would be a full-time member of Smackdown Live. However, Ali might still show up on 205 Live.

“I will always rep 205 Live. I will always support 205 Live. I will always be the heart of 205 Live. I will always be watching because you will never know when the heart of 205 Live will beat again.”
  h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

  • CC

    Look at the hype Ali has got from competing against Bryan and working with AJ.
    Yes it would be stupid to stick someone like TJP up against Strowman, but there is no reason why the likes of Ziggler, Rollins, Ambrose, Balor and all the other “normal sized” guys can’t have realistic matches with the 205 guys.

    During the original cruiserweight titles life, wrestlers were not just stuck competing against people their own weight. If that was the case, Rey would never have broken out into the main event. Hell, during the WCW days, even guys like Chris Jericho held the title.

  • Soulshroude

    If only they would do the same for Raw and Smackdown and have the 205 characters interact so they might be more… I don’t know, plausable.. .and not just trainee’s? They may become more identifiable as actual superstars this way, yeah.

  • CC

    Having main roster talent show up on 205 still is probably one of the best things they could do for that show.
    When they first had the division be exclusive to Raw the biggest mistake they made was segregating them. Having them face non cruiserweights would have been a better idea as they are now doing with the Lucha house party and potentially Ali.