Mustafa Ali reportedly suffered a concussion

With reports Mustafa Ali has suffered an injury and will be pulled from Sunday’s Elimination Chamber, WWE is yet to confirm the news.



There’s two trains of thought as to why – firstly because it may be used as part of a storyline on SmackDown tonight, or the other is the company doesn’t want to confirm anything until they’re fully aware of his status.

Via Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer added the following on the situation:

“So Mustafa Ali suffered a concussion on the show in Fort Wayne last night [Sun., Feb. 10]… I thought originally it was aftereffects from the Orton thing, I mean his eye was already a mess, but it’s actually a second injury. So he’s having a really bad week.

… Unless he gets cleared on Tuesday, because it’s a concussion and you never know, but if he doesn’t get cleared on Tuesday then they’ll be forced to – you can’t then risk the idea that he’s gonna be okay by Sunday, and plus they’re gonna do this gauntlet match with everybody, so they’ve got to plug someone in so…”

Time will tell if Ali will be included or whom his replacement may be.

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