Mustafa Ali Reveals Surprising LGBTQ Photo

People just want to cause issues with celebrities these days because celebrities are easily accessible and extremely easy to reach with social media platforms being the best place for celebrities to be at this point in time. John Cena Makes First Tweet After AEW Rumors.



Mustafa Ali was recently called out for supposed “anti LGBTQ” views. This comes from a commenter who seems to assume Mustafa Ali’s views solely based on his Muslim background. This all started when an artist made mock-ups of Retribution flags that signified the LGBTQ community. The artist wrote: “RETRIBUTION FLAG AS TRANS FLAGS Inspired by @TBARRetribution”

A commenter then commented on the flags and said “I don’t think Ali supports these (this) stuff.” Mustafa Ali then made sure to correct the hateful comment by taking it public by sharing the flag and stating the following to the assumption: “But, I do.”

Mustafa Ali plays a pivotal role in the WWE for the basis of acceptance within the locker room and in the community as a whole. It’s great to see Mustafa Ali supporting another very broad community of people. It’s also great to see Mufasa having no issue with speaking up to those who try to spread hatred. Great work here, Mufasa Ali.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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