MVP says he wrestled his FINAL WWE match on RAW

After making his return at this year’s Royal Rumble, MVP dropped by on RAW the following night as well. The former United States Champion went up against Rey Mysterio in a singles match that he lost via pinfall.



Now, MVP has taken to his Instagram handle to reveal that his match against Mysterio on RAW was his final match with the company. MVP said that his match with Mysterio was a great way “to end that chapter” and thanked the WWE and the fans for all the support.

MVP also revealed that the end of his career in the ring comes closer every month but he’s not done just yet.

MVP has had a great career in the WWE and professional wrestling in general. While in WWE, he’s won the WWE United States Championship and the Tag titles on multiple occasions.

The fans still love MVP and it was evident when he received a great pop during the Royal Rumble match. Unfortunately, his return to the WWE was not only short-lived but also his final appearance as a wrestler in the company.

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