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More Mystery Surrounding the Divas Match at WrestleMania, Titus Talks About Being a Father

– OneGoodDad recently interviewed Titus O’Neil about being a dad while being on the road with WWE. Titus talked about how he keeps in touch with his kids while he’s away:

“I Facetime with them every night and after school they always call me and I make sure they’ve done their homework and they always ask me if they can buy something on their ipad like a movie or a song or whatever. I’m always giving my time to them wherever I’m at. And when I’m home, I’m home. I like to wake up early in the morning so I can get my workout by 5am and that way I can come back to the house and take them to school. After I walk them to class, I’ll run my errands and when school breaks out, I help get their homework done and then we do whatever. Lazer tag or bowling, play golf or whatever they feel like doing with my time while at home.”

– We’ve noted how the rules still aren’t clear for Vickie Guerrero’s Divas Championship Invitational at WrestleMania XXX. WWE’s website simply states that the match will be one fall and AJ Lee can lose her title without being pinned. Vickie then went on Twitter and asked for ideas on stipulations. To further the mystery, Vickie stated on last night’s SmackDown that the rules of the match are for her to know and “for you to find out.”

  • Jason Lentini

    Sounds like a one fall championship scramble.

  • john

    who cares thats a bathroom break

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    i really hate screw jobs angles that can be seen a mile away don’t really care for this match since a Bella will probably win but if its a bigger angle Vicki will win

  • Will Henderson

    Yep, they are so doing a screwjob angle to end AJ Lee’s Divas title reign to set up AJ’s face turn.