Name for AEW’s TNT TV show revealed

Before AEW first came into being, rumors about the company and their future plans had already stormed the internet. One of those rumours was about the name of the company’s LIVE TV show.



AEW filled a number of trademarks and one of them was “Tuesday Night Dynamite”. This got a lot of people to speculate that it might actually be the title for their eventual TV show.

Fast forward to now, the company’s already put out numerous pay-per-views and is all set to go LIVE with their TV show on 2nd of October on TNT Network. However, up until this point, the advertisements have been pretty secretive about the official title for their show and have only run under the AEW name.

As it turns out, TNT might have already revealed the title for the show much before the company got to do it. The show is indeed called “Dynamite” as the following photo suggests:

The company’s official announcement for the show’s title is yet to come and after this, we might get it very, very soon.


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