Nancy Pelosi Snaps At Black Female Reporter

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) firmly responded to a reporter’s questions regarding whether President Joe Biden should seek reelection or step aside for another Democratic candidate. Following her appearance on Morning Joe, where she mentioned that Democrats are “encouraging” the president to decide on running, ABC News correspondent Rachel Scott questioned Pelosi on Capitol Hill.



Pelosi later addressed what she called “misrepresentations” of her statements from the interview. When Scott pressed her, Pelosi asserted that Biden “can win” against former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election. She emphasized her unwillingness to discuss private conversations with the president and expressed frustration with the persistent questioning.

“I’m not having this conversation with you or anybody else about what I talk with the president about, with all due respect,” Pelosi told Scott.

Scott attempted to follow up, but Pelosi cut her off, stating, “I never do. I never do so it’s nothing new.”

When Scott continued, asking if Biden’s delay in making a decision was problematic, Pelosi responded, “I’m not going to be making any comments in the hallway about the fate of our nation, okay?”

In a final exchange, Scott asked if Biden should run for reelection, to which Pelosi sharply replied,

“Am I speaking English to you? I’m not going to be making any statements about any of that right now in the hallway.”


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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