Nancy Pelosi ‘Worried’ About Biden After…

It is expected that President Joe Biden will discuss the future of his re-election campaign with family at Camp David on Sunday after a nationally televised debate on Thursday which left several Democrats worried about his ability to defeat former President Donald Trump in November election via NBC News.



Biden had his trip planned before Thursday’s debate. He and first lady Jill Biden were scheduled to join their children and grandchildren there late Saturday.

Biden has received support from the party’s top leaders including in tweets posted by former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Senior congressional Democrats, including Reps. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Jim Clyburn of South Carolina and Nancy Pelosi of California, have privately expressed concerns about his viability, said two sources apprised of those discussions, even as they all publicly back the president.

One Democratic House member who believes Biden should drop out of the race, however, has yet to call for that publicly, told NBC News that three colleagues expressed the same sentiment to him during votes on the House floor Friday.

House leaders have not wavered publicly, and their aides denied that they are expressing doubts behind closed doors.

“Speaker Pelosi has full confidence in President Biden and looks forward to attending his inauguration on January 20, 2025,” Ian Krager, a spokesman for the former House speaker said. “Any suggestion that she has engaged in a different course of action is simply not true.”

Christie Stephenson, a spokeswoman for Jeffries, the House minority leader, said her boss has “repeatedly made clear publicly and privately that he supports President Joe Biden and the Democratic ticket from top to bottom.”

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