NASCAR Drivers Speak on RAW, SmackDown and ECW Ratings, More

Source: PWInsider



– Eric sent the following: On ESPN’s NASCAR Now, they interviewed Joey Logano on the phone. Logano said he had never watched any wrestling show before Monday and was very nervous being in front of all the people. Logano said he had a lot of fun backstage, with everyone coming up and talking to them and being very nice. He said he had a great time with Big Show, who was “the biggest person I ever saw in my entire life.” They showed a clip of The two driving out and Kyle Busch slamming Buffalo. Also, Kyle was also on NASCAR Now but they did not talk about WWE with him. However, on NASCAR Race Hub on The SPEED Channel, Kyle was interviewed on different topics. Kyle said he’s followed wrestling sometimes but has never been to a live show. He said it was a neat experience. He talked about how cool it was with Big Show & John Cena and others talking to them in their green room. He said how he doesn’t think he can ever go to Buffalo again, but he can say he has a script as a excuse.

– Apparently the report from earlier on the identity of Beth Phoenix’s SmackDown opponent for this week is incorrect. We’re still waiting confirmation on who she was.

– This past Friday’s episode of SmackDown scored a 1.9 rating. Last night’s episode of ECW on SyFy scored a 1.0 rating.

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