Natayla Goes After CM Punk Before SmackDown

Natayla posted a tweet mocking CM Punk’s AEW All Out backstage meltdown before WWE SmackDown, as seen below.



Former WWE Superstar CM Punk has not been seen on WWE television since the 2014 edition of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He walked out of the company the next day and has not looked back since then. Following his WWE exit, many fans have been wanting to see Punk make his return to the company every year. He has yet to make his return to the squared circle and at this point, it seems very unlikely. A WWE Superstar was also previously punished for ripping off CM Punk. 

CM Punk has been in talks with AEW for quite a while as indicated by reports and it all came true as The Second City Saint made his return to pro wrestling on AEW Rampage: The First Dance back in August last year.

During the post-AEW All Out media scrum, CM Punk verbally attacked Colt Cabana, Hangman Page, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. Ace Steel’s wife, who has a broken foot, was in the room when Ace and CM Punk fought Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks backstage at AEW All Out.

During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Bobby Fish insulted CM Punk.

“Phil is not a bad pro-wrestler but what Phil is not is a martial artist,” Fish said. “I’ve been doing martial arts since I was eight years old, so I take a lot of pride in it.”

“He is a pro-wrestler, so go out, tackle, drop down, leapfrog, get it again, all that stuff, all good. In that lane, dare I say, he’s got talent but when it comes to martial arts, you are insulting the audience’s intelligence because we are supposed to be creating an atmosphere where you can suspend your disbelief.”

Fish continued to say that selling for Punk’s more MMA-inspired offense was insulting to him.

“It’s honestly insulting for you as one of my co-workers or peers. As a martial artist, you are asking me to go out and sell, put over, your bunk** martial arts which is insulting to the audience, it’s insulting to me.”

Fish continued to say that Punk was not happy with him after their match.

“Phil, after the match, was a c**t. Frankly, as a martial artist, I went out and I laid my shoulders down for you. You should be grateful that I did because on national TV if I decided that I wanted to f**king Haku your ass, I could have because you’re that little bit of a threat in my world. I’m not Jon Jones, or Anderson Silva, but I’ve been doing martial arts since I was young and I can handle myself enough to where I will fold you like a wet nap, Phill Brooks. So, for you to be c**ty afterwards because of a mistake that you made, it just doesn’t wear well.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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