Nate Diaz Attacks Dana White In Hotel Video

Nate Diaz has recreated the Will Smith/Kid Rock Oscars slap with UFC boss Dana White in a new video he uploaded outside a motel, as seen below.



Logan Paul has discussed his interest in fighting in UFC. Corinna Kopf is a popular YouTuber and OnlyFans model who also dated fellow YouTube sensation, Logan Paul, in the past. In a recent interview on Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, it was revealed how Logan Paul not getting a blood-based STD test was what ended their relationship together as a couple. Logan Paul’s ‘drunken meltdown’ after fight just leaked.

Here, Kopf expands on that more and it was revealed that Logan Paul chose to do a urine-based test instead which Kopf felt wasn’t as ‘expansive’ of a test as a blood test would be. It should be noted that Logan Paul’s urine test came out clean. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the following remarks.

L. Paul: I didn’t do it with you and that was my issue. I didn’t take my STD test with you and in front of you.
Kopf: No, you took a pee test. I remember this. You said: “I’m not getting tested because I just pissed in a cup.” You know that if you piss in a cup it’s only testing for certain STDs. A blood test is for really serious stuff like HIV and hepatitis. I think you said you were recently tested but I don’t know why you couldn’t just get tested, okay?

Speaking to the media after Colby Covington’s win over Jorge Masvidal, White would comment on how it would impact the future of the UFC welterweight division. Credit to TheMacLife for the below.

“I don’t know, that’s a good question. We knew tonight, whoever lost, ‘What would be next?’ and ‘Where would they go?’ And I don’t know, sitting right here, right now, I don’t know. On either one of them, even Colby, who won.”

White also stated: “The thing is too is that after a while no matter how much you hate [Covington], you’ve at least got to respect him,” White said. “The guy keeps winning fights and he’s a tough dude. I don’t know if I’ve had any bad words to say about him. I said he’s an a******. He’s an a******. Does anybody disagree with that? He would probably even agree with that. No, I respect the kid.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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