Nate Diaz Attacks Logan Paul Family With Video

Former UFC star Nate Diaz recently presented evidence of Jake Paul’s father dishonestly complimenting him. Diaz has been linked to YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul for quite some time, with ‘The Problem Child’ expressing a desire to face The Ultimate Fighter season 5 winner.



Nate Diaz exposes

Paul recently inked a multi-fight MMA deal with the PFL (Professional Fighters League) and offered to fight Diaz both in MMA and in the boxing ring. While the hostility between the pair runs as high as ever, Nate Diaz recently implied that ‘The Problem Child’ inherited some of his hypocritical nature from his and Logan Paul’s father, Gregory Allan Paul. Diaz posted a tweet with the caption:

“[Apple] doesn’t fall to far from the tree. The sh*thead family.”

To facilitate comprehension, Diaz released a compilation of two instances in which Allan Paul spoke about the Stockton native. When Allan and Nate Diaz crossed paths, Allan claimed to hold the former UFC star and his fighting abilities in the highest regard:

“Dude, I admire the f**k out of you. I love the way you fight…. and hopefully you’re going to be fighting Jake. I just wanted to tell you that we watch you and love your fighting style.”

The second instance was an excerpt from the IMPAULSIVE podcast in which Allan Paul boasted that Diaz was an easy matchup for his son:

“Jake would knock the piss out of Diaz. Nate Diaz is a p*nk. His record is mediocre.”

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