Nate Diaz ‘Didn’t Lose’ At UFC 263 In Video?

The UFC star Nate Diaz suffered a loss at UFC 263 against Leon Edwards in a historic five-round fight. ‘The West Coast Gangster’ almost cliched a victory but came up short.



He has detailed his fight camp in the lead-up to UFC 263 and claimed he lost motivation after his bout against Leon Edwards.

Nate Diaz believes he did not lose the fight

While speaking during the UFC 263 post-fight press conference, Diaz mentioned that he got a cut in training, and that was the reason he lost the fight against ‘Rocky’ as it was pushed a month back from UFC 262 to 263. Ric Flair Drops Brock Lesnar Bombshell

He then added that he sort of lost motivation in training camp. Diaz gave Edwards credit for the win but claimed himself to be the better fighter.

Diaz said:

“I got cut in training. That’s why we pushed the fight back a month. I kind of lost motivation after that. He won, but I feel like I’m the better fighter still.”

You can check out the video clip below:

Diaz almost had the bout in his grip when he executed the Stockton slap and left cross combination.

He also caught Edwards with some gruesome shots in the final round of the fight and he was undoubtedly the fan favorite despite the loss.


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