Nate Diaz Leaks UFC House Party Drug Video

Nate Diaz recently walked away the victor from his match against Leon Edwards. Due to his win, Diaz threw a huge party which has everyone split in what they think of such a display being done…



One person who is coming forward to speak their mind is none other than Chael Sonnen. Chael gave a great statement on Diaz and all involved with him.

Chael stated: “Nate Diaz throws a party. Now, Gilbert (Melendez) went to the party, so I’ll talk to Gilbert and I’ll find out some of these questions that I have, but here’s what happened. Nate rented a house in Arizona. He didn’t stay at the fighter hotel, he rented a house. He then, after the fight, throws a party at the house – oh by the way, guess who was invited? Everyone.

Chael continued: “He announced it in the ring and then he put the address on Instagram! Now Nate, all in, has a reach of about five million. I can only imagine how big this party was. What I’m thinking about is the guy that rented the house, I imagine this is like an Airbnb situation, probably quite literally. I don’t think the guy knew that he [Nate] was gonna throw a party and invite five million people!”

Below, we have provided a video of Diaz at the party appearing to smoke marijuana.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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