Nate Diaz To Quit UFC For New Company

Nate Diaz is, without question of the most popular UFC fighters in the world with the former Ultimate Fighter 5 winner winning champions all across the landscape of mixed-martial-arts. However, could we see Diaz opening up his own promotion? During a recent interview with SunSport, Diaz’s training partner, Chris Avila stated a promotion based around the Nick Diaz Academy, headed by Nate and his brother Nick Diaz, could be something that is potentially in the cards. Credit to The U.S. Sun for the following transcription. Was Nate Diaz ‘partying’ with this top UFC name in LA?



“He has one more fight I’m sure lined up on his contract and then he’s going to be doing a lot of his own stuff after. I know he’s got a lot of new plans. He’s going to be doing his own fight show, he might even headline his own fight.

Avila continued: “It might be boxing, MMA, but it will be a big fight. He’s only hoping to fight the biggest guys, whoever is there to fight, it’s going to be someone big. He’s going to get the whole Nick Diaz Academy on his own fight show, we need to show everybody that we’re the s***. We’ve got the best fighters out here in Stockton, most people know it but we’ve got guys primed and ready to go.

As if that wasn’t enough, Diaz’s high-profile training partner also stated that he’s interested in having a boxing match against a high-profile name. Once again, credit to same outlet for the below quote.

“A lot of people are tuning into boxing again it seems like, I know Nate, it’s something he’s probably gunning for as soon as he can. He might have one more fight and then he’s planning on doing a boxing fight against someone that everybody knows. I don’t know who yet, I’m also going to do some boxing fights coming up as I’m a free agent and hoping to fight.”

Nate Diaz also recently dropped this bombshell about Jake Paul’s sister. He also said: “I got a fight coming up and then I’m trying to line myself up with something good, something big after I win this fight. I should be on deck for something good, a UFC comeback, or a good boxing fight, I could go on the undercard of Nate’s promotion. He’s either going to do boxing or MMA, or both. That’s what’s happening next, that’s coming soon.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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